dominik wagner

The Sad State of the iPhone/iPad UI

John Gruber in The iPad Awkwardly Turns 10:

As things stand today, I get a phone call from my mom once a month or so because she’s accidentally gotten Safari into split-screen mode when tapping links in Mail or Messages and can’t get out.


Sadly the Apple platform departed from being an easy thing to recommend and give to anyone disregarding of computer experience. Instead it morphed into something that has many quirks that are hard to explain and discover, and sometimes even hard to be the helpline for. Essentially this trend started since iOS 7 and never reversed.

One of the other symptoms of this is that you no longer can hand your iPad to a toddler without putting it into guided access. Otherwise they just trigger a lot of weird app switching based behavior.

I'm wondering if Apple will be able to turn this around again. Sometimes I'm also wondering if Apple as a whole is even still interested in this. Or if it is just my own foolish desire for tech to be better suited to humans of any computer literacy.

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